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Furnace & AC Energy Savings Kit

One of the biggest energy hogs in the house is your Air Conditioning or heating system. Justifiably so, it uses about 40% of your home’s total energy, because it is working almost round the clock keeping your home a comfortable place to dwell. Many people would deem it one of the more important appliances in the house, but that doesn’t mean that it has to cost that much money! Or waste all of that energy! There are many ways that you can maintain the comfort of living in your home while at the same time saving energy and money.

There is one method that says pretty simply: “only use what you need.” Although this seems pretty intuitive, many people don’t actually listen to this and waste money because of it. For example, when on vacation or merely out at work during the day, some people leave their air conditioning or heat on full blast, using lots of electricity when no one is even at home to benefit from the altered temperature! This simply doesn’t make sense or cents! One tip is to make sure to set the timer on your thermostat so that the system is only working while you are home and getting benefit from it.

What about while you are running the machine? How can it be more effective while you are actually home and benefitting from it? One thing you can focus on fixing is the delivery of the conditioned air from the system to the interior of your house. There are two main weak points in this system that are easily tweaked so that they are more efficient and cost effective.

  1. Filter- The air filter on your HVAC system essentially filters dust and dirt molecules out of the air before sending it around the house. As a small strainer of sorts, it collects the dust and slowly clogs up. However, when it does clog up the system needs to strain in order to produce a strong enough airflow merely to force through the barrier that the clogged filter has created! It actually decreases efficency by 10-20%, costing you a lot more energy and money than it should. In order to know when the filter needs to be cleaned or changed, Practecol created the Air Filter Efficiency Whistles. These devices whistle when the filter is clogged (because the air is being forced through the device alone), notifying you that it is time for a changed filter. This can save you over $80 a year just through a five minute installation process.
    1. Ducts- There is a complicated network of different ducts that deliver the conditioned air to the appropriate vents. However, along the way some of the temperature is siphoned off through tiny breaks and leaks in the duct system. It doesn’t leak into the rooms though, but rather into the area between the walls of your house, rendering that air useless. In order to minimize this loss of temperature, Practecol makes a special Professional Duct Sealing Tape. Using this tape (along with its preparation wipes) will seal the duct system so that all of the conditioned air will go towards where it is intended to go.

Practecol sells these two products together conveniently in its Furnace & A/C Energy Savings Kit, which together can bring you a saving of $88. These products will, as always, help you save and sustain, simply.