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Hot Water Heater Energy Savings Kit

Inside the Hot Water Heater Energy Savings Kit comes an insulation blanket to place around your hot water heater to raise its R-Value and heat retention. It can actually reduce stand-by heat loss by 25-45%, thereby saving you money wasted on escaping heat.

The pack also comes with pipe sleeve to help insulate the heating pipes in your house. By insulating, you will be able to reduce your temperature on the tank and not have to waste time and energy heating water that you are never going to even feel the benefit of!

You can double check to ensure that the sleeve is working by using the provided thermometer to see if the temperature of the water coming out of your faucet is the same as the that at your how water heater! The Department of Energy recommends keeping your water at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and now you will be able to make sure you are doing exactly that!

Please note– Here are the instructions for installing the Hot Water Heater Energy Savings Kit:

  1. Turn off the water heater.  If it’s an electric water heater, turn off the breaker at the electric panel.   For gas water heaters, rotate the gas valve to the Pilot position.
  2. Position the insulating blanket around the circumference of the tank.  Mark the height and length to cut the blanket using a market on the foil side of the blanket. Note for Gas Heaters: Keep blanket away from the flue at the top. Make sure the airflow to the burner isn’t obstructed. Leave the thermostat uncovered, and don’t insulate the top of the tank—the insulation is combustible and can interfere with the draft diverter.
  3. Cut the blanket to height and length, note cut the blanket so the edges will overlap
  4. Cut two (2) pieces of tape about four(4) inches each and secure the blanket in place with the tape provided. Peal the backing off the tape and use it to tape the edge of the blanket to the heater, foil side out. Position the tape pieces top and bottom so they do not go over the access panels. The installation is easier with two people.
  5. Wrap the blanket around the heater, for ease of installation; position the blanket so that the ends do not come together over the access panels in the side of the tank. Some tanks have only one access panel.
  6. You will now need to cut holes in the blanket to expose access panels, vales, pipes, rating/instruction plate, etc.
  7. As you wrap the blanket around the heater feel for the edges of the access panel(s), etc. and mark on the foil side of the blanket with a market the corners of a hole you will cut to expose the panel or valve, etc.
  8. Make an x-shaped cut in the insulating blanket from corner to corner of each location you’ve identified.
  9. Fold the triangular flaps produced by the cuts underneath the insulating blanket, or cut them off to make a square hole.
  10. Wrap the blanket around the heater, being sure all of the holes line up.
  11. Using the remaining tape, tape along the seam of the blanket from top to bottom and cut off the excess tape.
  12. Locate the pipe(s) exiting the heater. These are the hot water pipes. Insulate all accessible hot water pipes, especially within 3 feet of the water heater. It’s also a good idea to insulate the cold-water inlet pipes for the first 3 feet.

Note: The blanket must not be installed on a leaking tank. If your tank leaks, you need a new water heater. Don’t set the thermostat above 130ºF. The wiring may overheat.