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  • Energy Mythbusters

    Here are some common misconceptions about energy efficiency in the home that we have tried to clear up: 1. Unplugging my appliances after turning them off doesn’t really save so much money or energy. Well guess what? That’s absolutely not true. According to the NRDC, your set top DVR can drain 446 kilowatt-hours per year, […]

    28 Dec 2011 | Category: Blog

  • Saving Money while on Vacation

    Be it winter or summer, a vacation always hits the spot.  Intended to give you some piece of mind, it’s a nice break from reality. But how can you have peace of mind knowing that you are wasting money needlessly at home? There are a couple things that you should do before you go on […]

    22 Dec 2011 | Category: Blog

  • Energy Efficiency in the U.S.

    In 1962, Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, a book abut the harmful effects of pesticides on the environment. In it, Carson contended that pesticides would destroy wildlife, causing no birds to chirp during a Silent Spring. This book has been argued to be one of the starting points for the environmentalist movement. This movement took […]

    15 Dec 2011 | Category: Blog

  • Turning off light bulbs

    When I leave a room just for five minutes, is it worth it to turn the lights off and then back on again? This is a more complicated issue with various factors at play, both the type of light bulb and the cost of your electricity. Every light bulb has a certain amount of operating […]

    08 Dec 2011 | Category: Blog